When I couldn’t find the right art for my own interior, I created it.

Mainstream art often left me without the deep, soulful feeling I longed for. And, as much as I love psychedelic, fractal art to remind me of the true nature of the universe, I craved art that could enlighten a space and sit within the design without overtaking it. 

For me, the simplicity of my work, whether in line art or words, is created with the intention of instantly bringing us back to our true center from the moment we set eyes on it. It’s intended to light up the heart space as if you’ve just stood up from a hour-long meditation. The art is personal, yet abstract enough to instill your own changing resonance, day by day. 

Finally, after studying feng shui, I was astounded by the ways in which art and its placement can elevate our sense of self and our ability to tap into the unlimited potential that lives within us all. These pieces were designed with powerful blessings instilled within them and an intention for you to instill powerful blessings in your own life.