What is embodied line art? Tell me about your process.

For me, embodied line art is taking the human experience and bringing into sight a concrete visual of what is real but often overlooked. I liken it to seeing a rainbow. We go about our daily lives, not acknowledging the full spectrum of existence we truly reside in.  And then, suddenly, there it is: a rainbow. It’s a quick, transient reminder that arrives to show us the magnificent spectrum of light and beauty that we may not be seeing, but is always there. These pieces were designed with powerful blessings instilled within them. They are meant to act as a daily reminder you can place in your home of what is truly always with you—freedom, power, grace, and limitlessness. 

Tell me about your inspiration.

I craved art that could enlighten a space without overtaking it. And, as much as I love colorful, fractal, and psychedelic art to remind me of the true nature of the universe, it often left me without the soul-catching feeling I longed for. After studying feng shui, I was astounded by the ways in which art and its placement can elevate our sense of self and our ability to tap into the unlimited power that lives within us all. 

How are these prints produced?

I’m a graphic artist, so these are essentially graphic designs. They are usually inspired from experiences, meditations or visions, and are often paired with my writing work. My hope is for others to see them in their space and immediately connect to their home—their soul center.

Is visual art your main medium?

I am an artist and designer of many forms. These pieces originally went with poems as arranged in my book Whole, but as I pre-released some of the pieces, enough people requested to acquire them that I decided to make them available individually.